The Lawson Corporation was founded in 2016 by a group of like-minded individuals that have backgrounds in both manufacturing & staffing. We are an M&A firm with the ambition not just to be the biggest, but the best in our focus areas.  Headquartered in Michigan, it is our goal to revolutionize the manufacturing & staffing industries in the Midwest and continue our outreach into the global markets.

Our Investment strategy revolves around the concept that privately held and multi-generational companies have learned how to “Weather the Storm” when it comes to the highs and lows of industrial manufacturing.  Companies like these are generally very stable with well skilled individuals capable of taking the company to the next level.  It is our goal to identify a company’s needs and add the support necessary to facilitate them with continued growth and expansion.

We are always seeking new investment opportunities to expand our services and remain competitive in our industries.  
It is of no doubt that our group can assist you in the acceleration of growth due to our vast network, manufacturing knowledge and marketing expertise. 

Lawson Corp. currently consists of both a staffing division coupled with our manufacturing division ( 

The original founding partners, Bob Lawson & Blake Lawson come from 4 generations of cutting tool manufacturing. In addition, they founded one of the most recognized staffing companies in the manufacturing industry (CNC Jobs Inc.) 

Our partner Mark Mohr who is the president of the manufacturing division, comes from a machine tool background. Mark recently left DMG MORI USA where he was the CEO and President for several years. If you are not familiar with DMG MORI, they are one of the world’s largest CNC machine tool manufacturers globally. 

It is our intention to build a manufacturing and staffing conglomerate to facilitate and stimulate a growing economy. Since our staffing companies all have a manufacturing focus, this gives us the ability to fill labor gaps where many companies struggle. 

Likewise, we’re able to utilize our manufacturing network to reduce costs as it relates commodity management, tooling, inventory, material etc. 

If your company is currently seeking a buyer and you want to accelerate growth within that company, please fill out our seller form listed at the top of our page. It will be one of the best choices you have made and you won’t regret it. We hope to hear from you soon. 

The Lawson Corp. Team