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Documents Required From Seller

1.    Recent 3 year financials
       a.    Current balance sheet
       b.    Income statements
       c.    P&L statements (quarterly or monthly) and year to date
       d.    Audited if available
2.    Aging of A/R of company being purchased
3.    Aging of A/P of company being purchased
4.    Complete asset list (if appraised, please provide)
5.    Any discretionary adjustments that are applied to the financials
6.    Business plan
       a.    Including strategic plan (next 5 years modeled out) - Please detail complexity of the business model, market conditions, organizational chart to define key individuals vital               to health of the business, customer concentration, SWOT analysis if possible, shareholders

Phase II

  Our Phase II will continue with the following information:

•    More detail on the Financials
•    Depreciation/amortization methods and any changes in accounting over the last few years
     Management projections - budgets/CAPEX plan, revenue projections (detail on assumptions)
•    Further detail on liabilities (if necessary)
•    Inventory list (if applicable)
•    Articles of incorporation - show that the company is in good standing, list of shares allocated
•    List of capital expenditures for the past 3 years
•    Agreements with largest customers
•    Preferably agreements from all customers
•    Research/market industry reports available
•    Detail on competition/any additional notes to help determine scalability