The Lawson Corporation (Lawson-Lawson Corp.) is a holding company based out of Michigan, Arizona, and Illinois. We are comprised of multi-generational manufacturing and investment leaders with roots dating back to the 1800’s in their respective industries.

Our scope is very widespread when it comes to seeking the “Right” merger or acquisition to fit our shared vision. Our focus is to build an American based group of manufacturing & staffing related companies unlike this industry has ever seen before. 

We recognize that U.S. manufacturers are struggling with a multitude of issues spanning the current skilled labor shortage to losses in revenue due to offshoring. We understand that many of these companies are single-handedly swimming against the current. Lawson Corp. is committed to partnering with companies to help alleviate these issues.

We are dedicated to make your life easier whether that comes from becoming a full partner in our group through acquisition, or a member of our group through investment.  In either case we will be combining your company’s skills and assets with ours to improve any areas that might need a shot in the arm. Our goal is to not change the good, but to enhance it through lower raw material costs, reduction of tooling costs and inventories, shared labor costs, and access to additional talent.

The Lawson Corporation prefers companies from $300K - $15M EBITDA and profitable for the past 3 years. Although our primary focus is in the Midwest we are also seeking investment opportunities globally. We are currently seeking companies involved in the manufacturing sector, including industrial staffing and distribution.


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